Reaction to the Open Letter to @Benjamen_Percy 05/08/18

First and foremost, I must thank Mr. Richard Armitage for the strength of his conviction to  argue against  the persistent,  pernicious and pervasive abuse of women in film scripts, such as Wolverine: A Long Night. I have seen films of similar genre, e.g. Hannibal Lecter because of the high quality of Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the vanishing, suave, brilliant cannibal Hannibal, but no actual blood letting was portrayed, and Francis Dolarhyde,  because, I admit partiality to Richard’s  films and hoping  that mystery of ”Beowulf” will find a place in the current crop of films  portraying violence as centerpiece. Indeed, the victimization of women has reached  fevered pitch, but looking back, crimes had been generally perpetrated against female victims,  ambushed, beaten, and mutilated, unless it was a tribal dispute when,whole villages are victimized by clan wars. In the rich, civilized West, victimization of women is an endemic presence. Social classes, genetic endowments, professions of both genders don’t preclude abuse of women . Perhaps , I am making a wrong assumption since off hand, I don’t have statistics to buttress my argument. However,  reading fiction and non-fiction literature about war, poverty, even in relationships found in surroundings of immense wealth, and relatively peaceful existence, violence against women is palpable in newspaper sections offering advice and all the self help books, generally addressed for the most part to women’s needs for support. The only books I see for men  is  how to repair a motorcycle or an old car breathing its last , not how to repair a broken down relationship. I admit to gender bias, since after all, I have lead a singular life until I got married, and therefore, experience is limited to one sample. But social science findings are accessible for enlightenment, and on those literature, one can say that more women are abused than men, especially when resources are limited. In primitive and ancient history, I will not hazard a guess. I often wondered if in fact the films that portray violence , especially those focused in the victimization of women can be considered an art form, or just to catch men’s patronage or as warnings to women to chose wisely. Again, my thanks to Mr. Richard Armitage’s steadfast stand against violence on women in art and presumably in life, as well.


Love, Love, Love

A play about Love. We saw Richard grew from a young man, stealing his brother’s girlfriend after he was kicked out of school, Eton probably or Cambridge , memory fails me. So they got married and had two kids, a boy and a girl. As Richard grows older, his hair cut changed accordingly, living in a comfortable suburb home. The kids came home from university, table conversation pretty busy and double entendre all over the place, supposedly hilarious, but actually the daughter wanted Richard to buy her, her new home . Obviously, the flabbergasted parents refused, so the sulking began. The play by play account is better heard than told by an amateur story teller [me]. Richard enjoyed the crowed after the play, but not on the Thursday I was there.Tough luck I say, perhaps another time. That was in November 22, 2015, and I have not heard of another play in the offing. Richard is busy and grieved by the recent death of his beloved Mom,  a very devoted son to a most loved Mom. Richard will be back, as strong and wonderful as ever, but we must respect his grief and silently wish him well. Losing your Mom is never easy,or for any child at any age. We never grow old with our Moms, that is the magic of childhood.As a consummate actor, Richard will always blaze our screens with the same dedication and fervor. He has assignments brimming in his cup. I saw him in Hermitage [ where  he spoke Belgian French] and Brain on Fire in Netflix, I like Hermitage best, it being historical and I go gaga with the Crusaders, but knowing the destruction they wrought in the Middle East, I need to back tract a bit. It is also to remember that Spain was under Moslem Rule until 1492 from the 10th century. If there is an error in my reckoning, I apologize, its nearly early morning. Critics say that ”Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott is the most authentic crusade film done thus far. So I am bound to compare Hermitage with it. I remember Richard starstruck by Orlando Bloom, when they acted together in the Hobbit Trilogy, if memory serves me right. Both are wonderful actors, and I have a difficult time choosing one over the other. Logan in The Long Night will be another test of my acuity differentiating Hugh Jackman’s Logan to Richard Armitage’s Logan. It will be much fun , I wish to share with my friends across the internet. But who knows where everybody is. We are like ships passing in the night, as much as the story of the Acadian lovers of the 15th century Eastern Canada as the French [Acadian] population were sent distierro to Louisiana. Some of them returned on foot to Acadia and their descendant’s told their story on Canadian television. It is also the basis of Longfellow’s poetic saga ”Evangeline, the Tale of Acadie”. To cut the story to the chase, Gabriel died in Evangeline’s arms in a mission house over  years of relentless mutual searching for each other, apparently based on a true story, although I am not perfectly sure about it. The story is so moving, it is very difficult to bury once you hear the long poem told. We no longer hear it often told, but if you happen to see the book by Longfellow [I got an old copy, I must locate] try and read it out of curiosity. A beautiful love story grows young every time it is retold. Give yourself that rare privilege of hearing the mellifluous  verses of Longfellow, once the Poet Laureate of  American Poetry. Poetry is for Lovers all over the world, sweet dreams, Ladies and Friends.

The Urban and Shed Crew

I have yet to see The Urban and Shed Crew, but I did not realize Richard did a Vampire show with Mathew Clairmont. Perhaps , I will have to hunt it down as I would be doing for Logan:The Long Night. I have seen Logan before with Hugh Jackman, but I will never take one for the other. They have similar features, but in the final analysis, they are two different stylists of actors, both incandescent in their own way. It is an error to infer that one is the derivative of the other, but I am sure Logan in both instances will be interpreted in terms of the actor’s strength and particular talent for excellent representation of a man in the throes of uncertain metamorphic destination, in  slipping realities and inherent disorientation in such environs. If The Crucible is an indication or Richard’s malleability to the role, then one can expect fireworks in the slums of a social democratic metropolis where social welfare has not fared well in tandem with government cost cutting and balancing the budget. There are still many variables that I can miss because I am not a Londoner, by any means and my speculation has its own hazards, but i will not be deterred. Plunging into the depths of urban poverty , I can surmise that I will not feel a total stranger to it. Perhaps , I might enjoy the challenge, were it not for the fact that in real life, I am not inured to physical violence. It could be that violence is in the state policy that creates the atmosphere of depravity, and the inhabitants do their at most to survive in these trying conditions and continue to love each other as best as possible. The unspoken possibility is the degree of physical violence in areas of joblessness and hopelessness. But the film can promise a light at the end of the tunnel, as it should to allow humanity to live on the slimmest glimmer of hope and redemption. Christianity  is, after all, premised after such hope and possible expectation. Good night, I hate to see me go, but I am missing my beauty sleep to keep company. adieu.


I found the ending of Ocean’s Eight rather anti-climactic. I can’t imagine Richard trussed up like a roasted boar for Christmas. The last scenes had him tied to a bed in handcuffs, and no one came to untie him so he can go home and freshen up. How unkind. I have to figure out why he deserved such ignominious defeat. At least, the women did not stick an apple in his mouth on the way out. So I am going to see it again, for clarification. The Italian Job and Topkapi which are similar to the idea of a grand theft or heist of a particularly, rare object of desire did not have the same ending, at least not leaving their villain trussed up, while the women were merrily trading laughs. He had a short romantic interlude with someone who was not an important character in the film. The film did not do justice to Richard’s talent. So, I must clear up my confusion, ASAP.

Our Deepest Condolences

To Richard Crispin Armitage and Family: our deepest condolences. Losing one’s mother is one profound loss a family can encounter in life. In essence, the bereft will weep while sadness prevails and when they  look up, the silver lining of a new day lights the sky beyond. That grief may tarry a while, but that the sun will shine is for certain.  6/12/18


Richard Armitage: The Man with Many Faces: Like Fu Manchu?

Richard had an early start in the stage, played Thorin when He was 9 in a school play. I suppose his aptitude for acting expressed itself at a very young age, come to think of it, so did Daneila. She is never far behind in my mind, when I think of Richard, just as it should be. It is a fact that they became material characters for me after watching that film, quite inadvertently, because BBC was not as accessible to me at that time, and it wasn’t   in our tv distribution, but with U-tube , its easier.

Richard has long list of acting projects, and i admit that North and South made him a star, along with his partner in crime, Daniella. I wondered what happened to her, lately. She had a wonderful career as a child star but sort of disappeared from My Screen. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough. I checked her FB but there was no update since 2013. Three years ago, I think she and Richard went for a beer, but no input since then. I would love for any one to let me know her where a bouts, I miss her every time I see Richard. They just were the two peas in my favorite pod, alas! I am left bereft with her disappearance from my silver screen. Richard has a very busy schedule and add directing to it, would be  to burst the dam of his energies. I would like to see him again in a play accessible to us in North America, but none is in the offing. Oedipus Rex may no longer be in his venue as I have not heard about it. He needs one of the old time extravangaza like the Hobbit Trilogy, he seems to glory in such endeavors . I can’t access Berlin Station, perhaps in two years when the series is almost over, I suppose I will have MI-5 to full back on, the very young Richard Armitage, reckless, yet enchanting, truly a Man For All Seasons. Perhaps Oceans’ Eight will be a real fire cracker, but it will be a while for me to see it. It would be a neat Trick for a  single man, alone to manage a bevy of eight brilliant ladies all vying for his attention , as they do the ”Job” for Richard in his dark pin stripes , hat and matching boots. They say ”it is to steal a large diamond from under the chin of the lady that wears it” in a love boat with her rich old , fat husband in a wheel chair with a set of heavily armed tall Caucasian Body Guards. This perception could be wrong , though I hope it will have some very small semblance with Ocean’s Eight when ready for viewing. Dreams are cheap, so thus we go. See you next time, ask the gods to get Richard get going with the project. Adieu.


Oceans 8 seems improbable to visualize except for the fact that the original Ocean’s 11 had only one woman in the film and she was not the leader of the pact [k]. I think Sandra is solid, but I cannot imagine Richard romancing each one of them [ or some of them] to avoid jealousy [what a juggling act, he trained in the circus to get his ticket] or to exacerbate it. I see this as harem with all very intelligent women canalizing Richard to a certain role as foil to distract the attention of the mark who wore the diamond necklace [paste?] while the women robbed the victim blind. It would be an intriguing scenario to make and watch. All this time, I thought Richard was going into science fiction like Benedict in Star Trek.