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Oceans 8 seems improbable to visualize except for the fact that the original Ocean’s 11 had only one woman in the film and she was not the leader of the pact [k]. I think Sandra is solid, but I cannot imagine Richard romancing each one of them [ or some of them] to avoid jealousy [what a juggling act, he trained in the circus to get his ticket] or to exacerbate it. I see this as harem with all very intelligent women canalizing Richard to a certain role as foil to distract the attention of the mark who wore the diamond necklace [paste?] while the women robbed the victim blind. It would be an intriguing scenario to make and watch. All this time, I thought Richard was going into science fiction like Benedict in Star Trek.

Book Review ~ ‘North and South’ by Elizabeth Gaskell [with special thanks to Richard Armitage]

Jane Austen in Vermont

North-and-South cover

I think I must be the only costume-drama-loving-female in all of America who did not see the 2004 (2005 USA) adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South – where my head was that year I do not know – and add to that a further confession of never having read the book! – I am ashamed of myself!  Can I have lived this long so in the dark?  Are my English degrees so worthless in the light of this omission? 

I have a good number of Gaskell’s books on my shelves, but there they sit awaiting that future day to begin my Gaskell immersion.  But all this endless chatter on the airwaves [as well as a few friends imploring me to see the movie – largely a Richard Armitage thing…],  I finally broke one of my cardinal rules – I saw the movie before reading the book.  There were advantages…

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Richard’s 46th Birthday, an his major milestone. His projects have been prolific and he seem to be everywhere. Pilgrimage is out, but no distributor in our area. I got the DVD “Pilgrimage , but not compatible with Region 1 devise. I am expecting Ocean’s Eight with Richard as the leader of a ragtag band of Lady Thieves to be a class unto itself [like North and South].The adventuresses would be excited to crack jokes and play on his propensities for beautiful Ladies. What would be their tools to accomplish the heist? Would RA, the brains [ I assume] of the operations be playing the the Ladies against each other to get maximum bang from the heist or he will play it straight like what the Lady Gang Leader did in the Italian Job? How will high heels, tight short outfits, lipsticks and hand bags fit into the game plan? Oceans Eleven had a more even clockwork. Mesh-ups are predictable, but how it will unfold with O’Eight would be the crux of the matter for everything this film will have worked for. I am looking forward to see how Richard will mold the diverse interests of his crew to pull the rabbit out of his ”top ” hat. Assuming these Ladies had a common denominator [Oceans 11 were WW 11 Vets], what would it be? This will be the first comedy I will see Richard getting involved where he is the puppet master. It will be a joy ride of the first kind. I believe Thornton and Claude will always be tops in my list, but I hope to be surprised. He did a bit of hamming in the play ”Love, Love, Love. However, I have one nagging question ” What were Richard and his coterie of Lady thieves after? The curtains are set to go, and I am in the centre of the Third row of the Loge.

Berlin Station

Its good to have the heads up, negative as it sounds, it tries you own estimation of the project. I admit my bias and i will let the story speak for itself. I have no hidden agenda, except to admire Richard’s work, every work I can lay my hands on. Perhaps . I will like him anyway, until they kill him off…it sours the story for me, but casualties are inevitable. Richard seems to welcome those dying scenes or the producers wish it so. He is not the kind to walk out of the set in a tantrum, he is very thoughtful before accepting the project, an inveterate improviser, and perfectionist as well, but humans are subject to errors, so I am prepared for any mishaps: admiration does not alter when alteration finds. It’s a misquote, but just trying to be joyful in every category allowed. I like his views /philosophy in life of  hard work, total immersion in the role and how he makes it easy to look at. I count myself fortunate to have seen North and South, a love story , I could have wished for myself, only wish , but not to materialize it, such boundaries as they are. Sleep nicely in your bed chamber , Sir, you need to recharge for tomorrows endeavors. We look forward to your work. I was sad my copy of UK amazon [hermitage] did not work, perhaps i have to wait for US amazon copy. Sign off time…

Accenting #RichardArmitage

sights and sounds the food of life:Where could we be without them?Nowhere in Particular.

Armitage Agonistes

I’ve always been interested, an often critical of hw RIchard Armitage manages different accents – especially his American accent. I’ve only skimmed this article so far ( have to get out early today), but I think it’s a fun and useful read for those of us who have the same interest. ALl about how dialect coaches work and the importance of naling the accent. I’ve given you the whole article in case you can’t get to the New York Times ( or don’t want to use up your 10 free articles!)

New York Times

Why should I trust you?” Dominic Cooper said to Samara Bay, his dialect coach. “Trustya,” she replied, crushing the words together. “Why should I trustya,” Cooper repeated. The actor and coach were standing in the driveway of an old stone mansion in New Orleans’s Garden District, on break from shooting a scene for the AMC series…

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Where Are We Now? (or ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Career?’) – part one

School days from High School to University to work are of a piece. Perhaps the experience is made particular by the chosen discipline and it curbs some inclinations and enhance others. Its pretty much about luck in the best of times. We are fortunate to have Richard in our time line.

The Actor's Advocate


tower house LAMDA at Tower House

I first moved to London in 1995, when I won a place on the Three-Year Acting course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). During those next three years, I got to know West London pretty well. Earls Court, High Street Kensington, Hammersmith – my fellow students and I owned those mean streets. We strode down Chiswick High Road in our baggy dance trousers and character shoes, talking too loudly about David Mamet and Alexander Technique, confident in the belief that in just a couple of years, we would be far too famous to get around without security and a smoked-glass Range Rover.

But there was one place we got to know better than anywhere else. From our first audition to the very last performance, all the most significant events of our time at LAMDA took place at the MacOwan Theatre…

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