a lot to digest, i will wait and see for myself, if it comes around here.

Me + Richard Armitage

Continued from here. Sorry for all that background, but I needed to establish the larger parameters of the film in which Richard Armitage is operating. Also, I wish I had more pictures with which to illustrate this post; I would have made some surreptitious cell phone photos in the theater but I didn’t want to embarrass Babette or get us thrown out! I thought for a while about the best way to present this. If the film will not receive a general release in any form, a detailed accounting of every second I remember would be best; but for the sake of readability, something less detailed might be better, because I don’t want to reveal every second or limit other fans’ capacity to discover the film for themselves. I’ve tried to make a compromise here. Babette, you’re invited to chime in with additional detail you think is important on…

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