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Armitage Agonistes

I’ve always been interested, an often critical of hw RIchard Armitage manages different accents – especially his American accent. I’ve only skimmed this article so far ( have to get out early today), but I think it’s a fun and useful read for those of us who have the same interest. ALl about how dialect coaches work and the importance of naling the accent. I’ve given you the whole article in case you can’t get to the New York Times ( or don’t want to use up your 10 free articles!)

New York Times

Why should I trust you?” Dominic Cooper said to Samara Bay, his dialect coach. “Trustya,” she replied, crushing the words together. “Why should I trustya,” Cooper repeated. The actor and coach were standing in the driveway of an old stone mansion in New Orleans’s Garden District, on break from shooting a scene for the AMC series…

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