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As worker fond of science and literature, from SEA now domiciled in the West Coast, films and books have been my constant, keeps my sensitivities keen to understand the prime movers and the gentle events of finding friends as we forward in time. It goes without saying that the 20th, and now the 21st century had been more than interesting times. Two world wars, nuclear fission , trips to the moon and Russian and American satellites travelling to the edge of our stellar space, With the Chinese challenging such advancements, it is very disturbing that we get a leader as leaden as Trump. We are a peaceful people, but how long this peace will prevail is anybody’s guess. Its a good thing that the Russians under Putin [in world events, not necessarily domestically] had held an even hand and not prone to exhibitionism on stage as in the US. The Japanese is  strong and quietly influential and inventive in its own special way, a force to reckon with if it finds itself threatened by bullies. It is a river that runs silently and deep. A trait that the likes of US lords have forgotten, being as loud and boisterous as they are [shallow waters make lots of old adage] not inured in the American ruling classes since their victory in WW II, having forgotten their resounding defeat in Vietnam from men and women in black pajamas. Sadly, these loud and untutored minds seem to rule the world at the moment, As the Holy Book once said or is it an old adage: This too shall pass. Why the affection for literature eventually devolves to current politics?Its proximity is undeniable, being close to the vortex that might explode , its moorings invisible, perhaps none existent. But, it suffixes to know that there are more pleasant alternatives to the dire reality of life. In the evenings , when the lights are low, I cuddle a book, and get lost in beautiful ideas of love among peoples of excellent intelligence and concern for those less endowed, even only in their prayers. We live in interesting times, science , medicine, economics, literature, drastic changes in our folkways and mores over this century, the ability to reach millions at the flick on the keys on a tiny machine that conquers space-time itself, travelling faster than the speed of sound, but not of light yet. Looking back how Heisenberg and Bohr discovered uncertainty, quarreled for life how the discovery will be used by rising tied of fascism or not, a controversy , yet unsettled to this very moment. I must be moving in the wrong racket, because not too many of us remember these momentous events which could have led to our own destruction, a propensity so peculiar to human beings, although it is common knowledge that monkeys will over eat bananas when they are domesticated and offered to their hearts’ content. Their is a natural tendency in the wilds to save some for tomorrow.  In our abundance and poverty in half the sectors of the world over, one wonders if human beings are normally distributed in the measure for greed and avarice, for kindness and benevolence, for srlf sacrifice witnessed in battlefields or impoverished sections of worlds. It seems, I have lost tract of literature, the initial topic, but the current situation of the world demands attention, even cursorily and superficially. The root causes of human suffering and bounty are intertwined and few have tried to unravel it, to unweave the intricate relationships that bind societies in spite or its discordant noises . And here we are, pushing our relentless endeavour to reach the sea, like the mountain streams finding peace and respite in the vast expanse of the distant sea…like Thorin discovering the key to the fable Arken Stone, which drove him to the the madness of ultimate avarice and death. The pyre that the dwarfs built to send Thorin to Odin’s place, his lovely evelids closed, the smile on his battered face….the lost son to his father’s praise. Memories are made of these, thank heavens it was only a film and our hero lives in New York or Yorkshire or London, still working away with at most pleasure on his craft. My only hopeless wish, is he does do  a project with Daneila, just more time for the road to no where…as Hamlet says..”where no one ever returns to tell the tale”…sorry for addendum. Well, we retrun to the campfire every evening , have a mug or two with our confreres and sing the songs of Thorin, till the lights run low and all is quiet. Curtains are up….


Pilgrimage: I am looking forward to this film, but it seems Canadian West Cost never really gets attention from distributors, I guess we are too far for notice, too much land and fewer people . i have to wait for DVD or Blue ray which may take years. We went to NY 11/23/16 to see Love, Love, Love but Richard did not show up to visit with ”supporters”. I was amazed that at first glance, he looked like Ted Hughes, but had to concede, he was worth the trip. Perhaps , I will not try again, it is in the stars. Content to see very distant blue star, will read quantum physics instead for the real challenge. i will always have Margaret and John tucked in the recesses of my memory banks[Paris?]quantum sufficit.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year Richard Armitage…

The review of the classic myth is a taste not much in vogue, but when it surfaces, i get a kick out of it, almost like a private/public joke.

Ancient Armitage


No, no, no…not THAT  “wonderful time.”  It’s the wonderful time of the year when my Topics in Ancient History class gives their presentations on Pompeii and Herculaneum.  As always, the first topics snatched up were those relating to sexuality, brothels and prostitution.  I am currently on a countdown to when the famous Priapus fresco from Pompeii will make an appearance.   For those who have not met him, Priapus was a Roman deity associated with the harvest and fertility whose most marked attribute was his ithyphallic appearance.   The anticipation of running into Priapus and the subsequent student reaction to him is killing me! (my classroom pleasures on this level are few and far between…don’t judge me 😉  )

What makes it even better this term is that thanks to my RL Facebook feed, I can see that Priapus fresco and raise with this little gem…

Priapus de Rivery Priapus…

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Berlin Station Eps 1-3: Accent on America

Richard surely appreciates your work on his behalf.

Armitage Agonistes

I don’t know if other bloggers have the issue I’ve been battling; I want to/ought to write on a topic, and I just don’t do it. I come up with legitimate excuses, but in the end, I think my procrastination might be directly related to my point of view of the work.

This is the case with with Berlin Station, which I’d like to address before I get to my Love, Love, Love experience.I promised a  forthcoming post  about Berlin Station the very night the first two episodes became available, but somehow, it never materialized. After successfully accessing Episode 3 last night on my laptop, using the EPIX free trial, I am ready to share.

I wouldn’t call this a review. I’m focusing on Richard Armitage first, and what interests me about the series, second.


Richard Armitage’s ability to perfect an American accent has been an obsession of…

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Vulpes Random: Everything you need to know about Georgette Heyer’s novels

a rare audible pleasure,for RA’s supporters.

Vulpes Libris

Heyer 1My younger daughter, aged 18 and a half, has just fallen headlong into Georgette Heyer, and is spending her summer browsing my collection. Occasionally she reports back to me, in passing on the stairs or by Skype messaging if I’m not on the spot precisely when she wants to Tell Me What She Thinks. (For example, she hates the emotional abuse in Bath Tangle, but loves Freddy in Cotillion.) She’s using this really excellent online guide to the plots from Tor, an emporium of science and fantasy reading and games. Heyer is absolutely a fantasy novelist, so I can see the connection, even if she’s writing about landaulets rather than elvish lore.

The author of the Tor synopses, Mari Ness, writes with a deep knowledge of the plots, Heyer’s life trajectory, and the historical and literary contexts. She’s also a damn good writer herself, so this is a…

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North and South: 10 Ways the Film Is Not Like the Book

Source: North and South: 10 Ways the Film Is Not Like the Book</p
I am very pleased with the film version in 2004. There is another film version in 1975 [i think with Picard of Star Trek and some not too memorable actress] which was rather stolid to this version. I thank the script writers and director and cast for their brilliant performance all around. I am glad that other writers have picked up the threads of the film and book to fill our evenings for light romance which keep our smiles on our faces until we put down the book . If the book was filmed according to the book, it would have been too tiresome.The four hour spread was long enough to feel the atmosphere of divine and unceasing desire for the beloved,if on unequal terms at the start, the class struggle hinted at the misery of the working poor and the destitute habitues of Manchester.The Nobility is still beyond touch, but slowly being overtaken by the rising bourgeoisie or thei rpotential allies.I will not quibble with the differences, which are matters of perspective. I believe in free expression with dignified intent. We care enough that our readers will be pleased with words that are uplifting without hyperbole.Good night and happy dreamings.