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Heyer 1My younger daughter, aged 18 and a half, has just fallen headlong into Georgette Heyer, and is spending her summer browsing my collection. Occasionally she reports back to me, in passing on the stairs or by Skype messaging if I’m not on the spot precisely when she wants to Tell Me What She Thinks. (For example, she hates the emotional abuse in Bath Tangle, but loves Freddy in Cotillion.) She’s using this really excellent online guide to the plots from Tor, an emporium of science and fantasy reading and games. Heyer is absolutely a fantasy novelist, so I can see the connection, even if she’s writing about landaulets rather than elvish lore.

The author of the Tor synopses, Mari Ness, writes with a deep knowledge of the plots, Heyer’s life trajectory, and the historical and literary contexts. She’s also a damn good writer herself, so this is a…

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North and South: 10 Ways the Film Is Not Like the Book

Source: North and South: 10 Ways the Film Is Not Like the Book</p
I am very pleased with the film version in 2004. There is another film version in 1975 [i think with Picard of Star Trek and some not too memorable actress] which was rather stolid to this version. I thank the script writers and director and cast for their brilliant performance all around. I am glad that other writers have picked up the threads of the film and book to fill our evenings for light romance which keep our smiles on our faces until we put down the book . If the book was filmed according to the book, it would have been too tiresome.The four hour spread was long enough to feel the atmosphere of divine and unceasing desire for the beloved,if on unequal terms at the start, the class struggle hinted at the misery of the working poor and the destitute habitues of Manchester.The Nobility is still beyond touch, but slowly being overtaken by the rising bourgeoisie or thei rpotential allies.I will not quibble with the differences, which are matters of perspective. I believe in free expression with dignified intent. We care enough that our readers will be pleased with words that are uplifting without hyperbole.Good night and happy dreamings.